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WENZHOU AIHAO PEN TRADE co.ltd. is a professional manufacturing enterprise with 33 yearsexperience in making writing instrument. located in Wenzhou of Zhejiang Province, 1 hour by plane from Shanghai and 2 hours from Hongkong.

Our history can trace back to 1987 with the name CHANGSHENG PEN. In 1995, AIHAO became our new official company name. In 2007 we developed from a small factory into one of the largest manufacturers in Wenzhou. In 2019, our factory covered an area of 4,000,000 square meters, nearly three times bigger than before. 

We provide an extensive product line with more than 40 categories, including metal pen, ball pen, low-viscosity ink pen, gel ink pen, mechanical pencil, roller tip pen, fountain pen, highlighter, white board markers, permanent marker, and various stationeries.

AIHAO always concerns the needs of consumers. Advanced machine and skilled workers allow us to get move fast toward the change of market. We insist on keeping on innovation and developing for providing the best writing instrument for you.

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